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Rotoscope Assignment Drawing, Illustration, and Digital Cel Animation Class for Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema Arts

Role: Animator, Art Director, Illustrator

I was tasked to rotoscope literally anything. Even though I don't have a TikTok account, I see them on Instagram reels. Since my dancing skills are... questionable I used a video by the WIlliams Fam to rotoscope a dancing person.  A theme during the Fall 2020 semester was lighting and glows and wanted to experiment with effects and After Effects 3D space. I was able to create a 3D box and animate it open all in After Effects. However, this project reveled that, even though it is possible, it can get messy and heavy for After Effects. I personally feel it's easier to create a 3D shape in Maya and get that into After Effects. The result was a trippy and random piece. 

Software used: Procreate, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

Song: Let's Groove by: Earth, Wind & Fire

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