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Senior Thesis for Pratt Institute

Role:  Director, Art Director, Illustrator, Designer

During senior year my work dove deeper into character design and visual development for animation. Even though I couldn't animate yet, I wanted to make senior thesis about animation. Like any art student, I was always questioning what art meant to me. Drawing cartoons and creating worlds is something I always loved to do. Maybe I was lonely growing up and needed to make friends? Who knows? But I ended up expressing that love for cartoons and animation through this project.  Tales from: Far Far Away revolves around Addy, a young traveler.  In each episode, he runs into someone who tells him a story. Each story is a new version of a classic fairytale. Every time the story is told it is shown in a different style. The pitch bible is for the first episode, which is a remake of the classic fairytale Snow White.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign

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