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Digital Imaging & Compositing 3 Final for Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema Arts

Role: Art Director, Compositor 

The Fall 2021 semester of graduate school was, as one would say, a hell of a semester. It was the toughest one to date. I subconsciously took that frustration out on my Nuke final. My main goal was to practice more green screen keying and interactive lighting. I was successful in reaching that goal, and I learned and got practice in 3D projections withing Nuke. There was also room for fun creative direction, so I added a demonic face warp at the end. After taking two semesters of Nuke courses and working on this project I can confidently say I can work my way around in Nuke and use the program. There is still more to learn but I'm not shy to use the program anymore.

Software used: Nuke

Original Footage

VFX Breakdown

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