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Role: College Assistant

In February of 2021, I was hired by Brooklyn College's Magner Career Center as a Federal Work-Study student. Each student staff brings their talents to the table and students work alongside the career counselor that best suits their talents. I was hired in the Social Media department as a content creator due to my previous design background. The Magner Center responded very well to my design style and soon I became a key member of the team, not only making promotions for social media but creating content for other counselors, even the director of the Magner Center herself. However, as I said earlier, each student staff brings their talents to the table. Since I am also an illustrator and learning animation I've had opportunities to use those skills as well. On top of graphic design work, I have created a stock illustration library consisting of over 150 illustrations for the Magner Centers' use and created animated content for youtube videos and their social media. This opportunity has been great because I've had chances to use all the skills I've been learning in a real-world setting and get to problem solve outside the classroom. Overall it's made me more confident as an employee. 




Thank you for your patience <3

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