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Drawing, Illustration, and Digital Cel Animation Final for Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema Arts

Role: Director, Animator, Art Director, Illustrator

In the past when I approached a project as a director, I would create a six-act narrative with multiple storylines and character deaths, all contained within a cohesively designed world. For this project, however, I wanted to create something totally opposite. I wanted to slow down my process and really focus on making something visually beautiful. I had only 5 weeks to create something. so I knew keeping the story simple would allow me to focus on the animation and compositing.   This project introduced me to IK character rigs in After Effects using a plug-in called DuIK. I created full 360 IK rigs for Carrie, Gregory Howler, and the waitress, Tyra. Everyone else uses an FK rig made in After Effects. 

Software used: Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects with DuIK plug-in, Adobe Premiere Pro

Song: Down the Line (Piano version) by: Beach Fossils

Sounds sourced from

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